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I help families looking for a retirement planner who specializes in solutions that protect against rising taxes, shield assets from market crashes, and secure retirement cash flow.


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Following a long career in Employer & Employee benefits, I have pivoted to helping individuals and business owners with their own personal planning.

What Our Clients Say About Us

Jere Preuss

Santa Ana, CA

After dealing with a large firm that does not really listen to your needs and tries to push you into one of their categories, it is a real pleasure to deal with a group that listens and can translate that information into products that fulfill my needs.

Robin Gray

Fresno, CA

I can’t begin to express how much I appreciate the help I received from Surf City. Like most people, I was at a loss when it came to financial planning. From day one they made a positive difference for me. They really took the time to look at all aspects of my finances and plan out the best course of action for my future. It was nice to have all my options explained to me, and not to have to guess at what was best for me. I can now stop worrying about my financial future.

Roger and Dina Tran

Laguna Hills, CA

We have been working with the Surf City team for more than a decade now. They are heaven-sent! Not only are they extremely nice & easygoing, they are also knowledgeable and insightful professionals. Brian is a creative, out-of-the-box thinker, yet they take a conservative-values approach to financial planning that we appreciate.

Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to common inquiries about our financial advisory services.

How do I know if I'm on track for retirement?

We recommend you start by getting answers to the 4 most important financial questions:

1) Do you know what rate of return you need to earn on the money you have today to be able to live in the future like you live today, adjusted for inflation, without running out of money before your life expectancy?

2) Do you know how much you need to be saving on a monthly or annual basis to make sure you will have enough in the future for you to live like you live today adjusted for inflation?

3) Do you know how long you will have to work doing what you are doing now before you will be able to live on what you have accumulated and your money last to your life expectancy?

4) Do you know how much you will have to reduce your standard of living during retirement the future to keep your money from running out before your life expectancy?

We can help you answer the 4 most important financial questions in 15 minutes!

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Why hasn’t my financial advisor ever told me about a Tax-Free Retirement Account (TFRA)?

Reason 1: Most financial advisors don’t know accounts like TFRAs exist - nor, how to structure one to be legally tax-free for the account holder.

Reason 2: Most financial advisors recommend financial vehicles their company tells them to recommend.

And as a result, less than 0.07% of Americans have what I call a tax-free "TFRA" account — while more than half the population has a taxable 401(k) or “contribution-limited” Roth IRA.

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What should I look for in a retirement savings account?

If you could wave a magic wand what benefits would you desire?

Tax-Deferred Growth: You would most likely want the money in the account to grow tax-deferred as opposed to taxable?

Tax-Free Distribution: You would want the money to come out tax-free?

Competitive Return: You certainly want a competitive rate of return.

High Contributions: Would you like to contribute as much in the account as you desire without restrictions?

Additional Benefits: In the event of your disability would you want your contributions to the account to continue even though you can no longer make them yourself?

Collateral Opportunities: Would you like to be able to use this money as collateral?

Safe Harbor: In the event you get sued would you want it protected from creditors?

No-Loss Provisions: Would you like the interest guaranteed?

Guaranteed Loan Options: The ability to demand a loan from the insurance provider.

Unstructured Loan Payments: Would you like the ability to make loan repayments in any manner that you see fit.

Liquidity, Use and Control: Would you want access to this money while you are working, as well as during your retirement?

Deductible Contributions: Would you want your contribution to this account deductible?

You would want all these benefits if you could get them.

Which of these benefits do you get from a Qualified Plan?

Tax Deferred Growth, Competitive Return, Safe Harbor, and Deductible Contributions.

There is only one type of account structured in a specific way that offers the majority of the benefits on the above list. 

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Do I have to be exposed to stock market risk in order to take advantage of market growth?

In the financial world there are two facets, those that specialize in the speculative facet, and those who specialize in the fixed facet. Rarely do you find an advisor that specializes in both. These really are two very different worlds. Those that specialize in speculative investing pride themselves in selecting publicly traded companies to place money in with the hope the investment will render a higher return over time than more predictable fixed investments. This philosophy or approach works well until there is an unforeseen economic correction. There is risk in speculative investing that is fine as long as the person doing the investing has ample time to make up for market corrections.

Those that specialize in the fixed investment world of finance eliminate risk associated with speculative investing. The perceived disadvantage to those interested in implementing safe fixed investments over speculative investments is the fear of missing out on the upside potential of the stock market gains. This is a misconception.

Brian specializes in working with fixed equity index life products that emulate the upside potential of the stock market, without the downside risk. This sector of the financial industry has only been around for 25 years. There are very few financial professionals that understand how to use these products to benefit the client as well as he does.

Everyone who is serious about growing and protecting their money should have a portion of their money in a few equity index contracts. Using the right product, and the right company is important. Designing the product correctly to optimize the money is even more important.

Brian is an expert in analyzing people’s current financial position to make sure what you want to happen with your money does happen.

Book a call with Brian if you are interested in learning:
1) How you can best balance your speculative and fixed accounts so as to minimize taxation, and market risk.
2) How much you need to be saving in order to retire when you want and never run out of money
3) How you can save more without impacting your current lifestyle

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